@Scott McCoy... Next you will be telling me that the Dalek invasion was fake news as well
Kathy D diaspora
@Dave Sutton I guess the whole world can't be British, eh? (says the girl with bananas on her head)
Kathy D diaspora
@Craig Long 👍🏼👍🏼
@Nora Qudus...Dr Who may have a time machine but he has not travelled all over the World (Yet)
In some peaceful backwaters of this World where life is still tranquil Cybermen and Daleks has not roamed the streets
@Craig Long... I see a black hole and my immediate thought was Dr Who. I already had the Tardis animation so I just combined them. There have been some very interesting memes made already and I love the way this image has been used for eyes in some of them

@Kathy D To even admit being British is a big embarrassment at the moment, just don't mention Brexit
@Scott McCoy… Next you will be telling me that the Dalek invasion was fake news as well
Sorry, I mean black holes are a nice story.
Kathy D diaspora
@Dave Sutton I won't mention it if you won't mention the past two years I've spent being an embarrassment here! Btw, it's starting to warm up a little here... you game for a drive?
@Scott McCoy…Only some black holes
Actually only Rosie O'Donnell.
@Kathy D...Sounds good, we can both put our red bikinis on and drive down to the coast in your matching red Mustang
Kathy D diaspora
Afraid that @Craig Long will have to ride in the back seat.
@Kathy D...I can drive and you and Craig can share the back seat
Kathy D diaspora
@Dave Sutton I think we'll have to figure out a plan... I tried sitting in that back seat when I test drove it...there's on way my long legs would fit. And I know yours wouldn't, either, so well have to get out the measuring stick to see if @Craig Long would fit. What an odd predicament.
baggab diaspora
Follow The SCARF! ...the SCARF is the True Who! know, that used to get a laugh, Who know's how many Who's a go
@Kathy D We'll curl up in the back seat.
@Dave Sutton I don't think of Dr. Who when I see a blackhole.
Kathy D diaspora
@Craig Long If you aren't just the sweetest...! 😉 **HEY!!! ** Who's keeping an eye on whom here??? 😂😎🤔
@Kathy D...Craig Long is long indeed, all six foot seven of him so you to will have to curl around each other. The fourth doctor was a long time ago and he shared my passion for jelly babies

@Craig Long The black hole of Calcutta always comes to mind with me after Dr Who
@Dave Sutton Oh Calcutta comes to mind and there were a lot of black holes.
@Craig Long..Very avant-garde and a long time ago. Your memory is not failing you yet then
@Craig Long...Most of the comments on my posts are strange, it's not every thread you can get animated jelly babies. Will be shopping with Dot tomorrow and a £1 bag of jelly babies definitely on the list.

Replying quickly because I'm working between two computers at the moment and the project on the other computer is a little repetitive