I agree, Brexit is about more than making a quick pound from shortening the pound. It's about much more, much much more. And all for the benefit of the rich and wealthy Brexiteers, while most of the population will suffer from higher prices and more.
Problem is, most Leave voters will only see this when it is too late. If ever.
How the Hedge Funds Are Really Playing Brexit
(Via Marina Hyde on Twitter)
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I doubt it will make them see sense. Their distrust of the "establishment" has condensed into a hatred of the EU.
It's the UK newspapers which form their opinion.
The US/tax-exile owned ones, which are the most read, have been against the EU from the start.
The EU conflicts with US export interests.
That's the problem, the Leave voters don't see that they're being taken for a ride by the real establishment (which somehow has managed to disguise itself as "men of the people")