Schau dir "NIGHTWISH - Élan - Live In Buenos Aires (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)" auf YouTube an

#nightwish Floor "Xena" Jansen is fantastic!
Have to wait a whole year to see them live in Europe now
#music #metal
Doesn't this band have some hot chick lead singer?
@The Revolution watch it, Floor Jansen, a Dutch goddess
I've never heard them before.. Definitely will have to go listen to more.

THank You
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
@Christoph S

You might need a vpn to see it. You can see how she lives in Sweden
Ah thanks, it says binnenkort beschikbaar (35) not sure if that means I'm geblockt
I can see other videos, seems like not yet available
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
It will be broadcasten on Sunday evening
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
And available maybe later that evening or the day after. You might need a vpn since there are geoblocks for certain shows