Are you wearing your mask?

I used myself as a model for this animation and I make sure that I wear a face mask when I go shopping. I'm very pleased to say that people in the Sevenoaks (UK) area where I live are being extremely considerate and are all wearing masks when in close contact with each other. Must admit that I still avoid restaurants and pubs

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Most are wearing masks here for shopping and in public transport. Well it's mandatory and the local transport company said it will increase controls.
But in supermarket while most of them wear one, there are those that just protect their chin from covid..
I like the animation!
@Dave Sutton... ok ty.. :0))
What heatwave.. I've missed the news on that one!!😳 , i unfortunately don't do to well in the heat nowadays.. Which is a bit odd seeing as I've spent most of my life working outdoors..(zoo-keeper and gardener)... (A+ in sh-t shoveling😆)
Regards to you & Dot. <3
You can have Covid19 and not be aware of it sobe responsible and wear a mask.
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@Corinne Howell 32 C predicted for the end of this week and you are just up the road from me. Outside work is the best, I have been a milkman a postman and even an apple picker