@Wolf Is that supposed to be a joke?
i think @Wolf may be very serious. And not entirely wrong - regimes of any kind arent known for reinstating things they've taken away. As i say, we dont have rights, thank fuck, so does not apply here. i'll pop the kettle on.
ooh! i think we have the right to a phonecall when arrested. i'm not sure if it's still free or you have to pay for it, though - too many people were using it for long-distance calls (expensive). such as my bro, whose first words were "i fought the law and the law won" xD
first words of the call - he wasnt born a punk. then again..yes he was...1970s :D
i think @Wolf may be very serious
That would make him a normie - as oppoed to a joker - according to his own meme.
Why so serious? :P
DOH! haha - maybe i'll just let @Wolf speak for themself ;)
That doctor is quite the sadistic murderer btw, putting his comforting contagious claws on that already suffering girl's shoulder. He should socially distance and poke her with his cane in condolence.
wolf read to much foucault :D
^^ agreed! damn plague privilege, that's wot that is!
oops. the tyranny of distance still exists. Agreed, @魔大农 Modanung!
@Kenny Chaffin "try using your elbows as hands" XD (just started watching - good start!)
...and thoroughly wash his cane first of course, you know where it's been.
LOLs muchly @魔大农 Modanung

@Kenny Chaffin so much yoks - grreat clip :D
culture-marxism will get you all :D
got me laid, so i'm good with it XD we wont go into it.
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - But everybody knows pangolins are dangerous! 😄
tomgrz diaspora
I think we may be able to go out without masks within a year, once the vaccine is in wide effect.
tomgrz diaspora
culture-marxism will get you all :D

Personally, I can't wait!
@tomgrz - On a more serious note, I'm hoping that some sort of viable, high efficacy treatment as available before the end of the year. The sad part is that we might have to take a risky trip outside of the US to get it. Thanks Temper TanTrump! 😒
tomgrz diaspora
The major reason for the delay is the need for clinical trials. Without trials, we have no way of knowing how safe and effective a treatment is likely to be. Given the short time-frame here, we will in fact be undertaking more risk than we would ordinarily.
@tomgrz - It will be better than pumping ourselves up with Clorox and shining a UV light up our arses. Can you believe that Trump really suggested that; possibly minus the "up our arses" part?
tomgrz diaspora
I'm not sure we will be needing 8 doses.
@tomgrz - We might need a shot every year or maybe two years depending on a number of things. Whose face is that anyway? I could swear that I saw Freddy's face the first time. Maybe it's just because that's what I expected to see.
Since it is common knowledge that viruses are a collection of bits, it makes perfect sense for the dermal penetration therapy to at least be administered in powers of two.
Byte me, Bill. シ
Bill Gates? Looks kind of like Michael Caine there.
so much mirth to all the above
we'll throw some vaccines atcha! once we juuust do this thing..adjust that a little..and oh i dropped it. soz :/

it's reported that we're seeing a few heartglerk cases due to folks importing supposed "cures/preventatives" and self-medicating (and overdoing it). Never a good idea, yet folk now, suddenly, think it is. bc facebookscience (which isworse and more prevalent than pseudoscience)
but hey, we all hate science, remember? xD
tomgrz diaspora
Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems.
Looks kind of like Michael Caine there.
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ Better now?
[...] we all hate science, remember?
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier Mengele loved it. Balance is key.
@魔大农 Modanung - Well, it doesn't help when I cannot compare it to the previous image. lol 😄 But, now that you mention it, the skull looks a bit like Groucho Marx.
Maybe you just never saw Sategllib from his worst angle.
@魔大农 Modanung hmmm good point re the doctor :))
oh! great link! (Kingdom of DOS). you know all the good things.
@魔大农 Modanung - I rather liked the old DOS days. Things were much easier back then in many ways and boot time was nearly instantaneous.
That's what I like about books.
tomgrz diaspora
I rather liked the old DOS days.

You don't have to give it up! FreeDos is pretty cool, and there is even a Windowing system for it, much like Windows 3.1. I don't know if there are any web browsers though, I have not visited the site recently.
@魔大农 Modanung - Well, I do like a good "Choose your own adventure". :^)
What's wrong with a bash?
@tomgrz - But Windows 3.1 sucked. I'd likely sooner migrate to Linux today than FreeDOS. Both have their drawbacks though.
I try to avoid running spyware.
@魔大农 Modanung - I enjoyed the Sparcstations that my college used too. Plus, OpenWindows/XWindows was much better then than MS Windows was.
...or even proprietary software, really. Code that cannot be reviewed is like a product without a list of ingredients. Open source should be a condition of commercial deployment enforced by law.
Most of the older machines I experienced belonged to my big brother. His first computer was an MSX.
tomgrz diaspora
OpenWindows/XWindows takes me back to may days as a sysadmin. I remember TWM and then OMG OpenWindows!
@魔大农 Modanung - But that's what ISO 9001 is for. If only companies were required to meet the standard. Yeah, open source is better.
@tomgrz - Yeah, I'll bet they didn't require certifications back then. Certifications are ridiculous. Anyone can pass via using a braindump until they have the correct answers memorized.
tomgrz diaspora
I don't in fact know anything. I just figure it out.
@tomgrz - Me too. Like why the wifi suddenly went out on my desktop. The NIC could see the available networks. So, I thought it was working. However, power cycling the router didn't work. Nor did disabling and re-enabling the NIC. Nor unplugging it (it's a USB NIC). And nor, ultimately, did rebooting the desktop. I finally decided to take a look at the NIC settings and somehow BeamCAP got disabled and it was set to use 2.5GHz as default. I changed BeamCAP to the proper setting and changed the default frequency to 5GHz. Now, everything is fine. I have no idea how or why the settings changed.
tomgrz diaspora
Yep. If you start troubleshooting thinking that you already know what is wrong - you are probably wrong. And life is a lot like that.
tomgrz diaspora
Just this afternoon I moved one of my computers from one subnet to another subnet. And the networking worked. It wasn't supposed to do that! So (believe it or not) I went into troubleshooting mode. It turns out that the wicd deamon was automagically overriding my network configuration, thank you very much. But that was not what I want...
tomgrz diaspora
I don't see the Lichtenberg analogy. But what do I know. ;-)
@tomgrz - You have subnets at home? Or is it a business?
tomgrz diaspora
Everyone should have subnets. They are cute. I only have two, so far. They are cheap and don't require much care.

Actually a recommended security practice. Helps to isolate some nodes from others. You can do it from your main modem, but I prefer to use another router for each sub.

Yep I always subnet "modem wireless" into a box.

Though I like DNS stuff and even DHCP as I used to look after a heap of "thin clients" in a mixed network ...

Bugger there goes the PTSD again ...
i too subnet all over the show.

hahaha and suffer the same PTSD xD
Personal Titulary Sonder Dream?
@魔大农 Modanung yes..what else would it be? Pass The Sugar Doreen? ;))
Preternatural Tendency to Subdue Demons - there is that, of course.
People That Shunned Death シ
ooh niiice :D and somewhat accurate. i like it!
Randomly sticking it to my nose a second time on this hottest of days, there seems to something about that aluminati mask that makes breathing in more pleasant. I don't know if it cools the air somewhat, it's just the smell of aluminum or that it's ionizing the air as an extension of my brain or a combination of those factors... and although I made it as a joke, it does deflect exhaled and expelled particulates downwards while still allowing to breathe freely.
any covering at all is the requirement here in Victoria -> you're good to go.
The son i never had (official title - much loved and i'm not his mum) and i turned up for a drawing session with aluminium hats, the night Mars was closest to Earth - they looked great - pointy antennae on top n everything :D
no-one else wore martian-deflecting hats and they looked at us kinda weird but did we get taken by Martians? nooo! the proof is in the pudding.
Seems Legit!
I've heard it's the Venusians that you have to worry about.
[...] the night Mars was closest to Earth
Are you sure about that?
martian-deflecting hats
They're telepathy enhancers.

I decided the "ilumnati mask" to be a model for a wider range of "health shields".
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ The Vegans are the only ones that don't eat people.
...until we discover the Vegataria system of course.
What I want to know is what happened in Varginha, Brazil back in 1996?
They’re telepathy enhancers. 0.0 oh.
@魔大农 Modanung - The wiki is kind of a stub article, but you can dig deeper if interested.
If I'd like there to be UFOs, I wouldn't want to identify them, now would I?
tomgrz diaspora
As long as they are termed UFOs, you cannot be wrong.
"i saw a Flying Object!" yeah, it loses something with the ID'ing
..just quietly, i thought "Varginha, Brazil" was a reference to waxing - turning one's map of Tassie into the road to Hobart. (one disembarks at Devonport)
amanda palmer's song, written in response to her learning of the "mappa Tassie"
If something is unidentified... how do you even know it's flying?
...or can even be defined as an object?
! Good point - it could be could be sitting on an invisible (to our eyes) platform..a USO..
and that! the angel thing. That's why we no longer see angels cutting around, killing the firstborn and telling women "umm..yeah..oops. that was umm God. Lo, a miracle!"
I'll just stick to the tried and true goat blood.
Works every time... of course my nickname among goats is now Azrael.
hahahahaha i'm more of a "bite the head off a chicken" girl. i know, it's small-scale domestic but has there been a volcanic eruption so far? on the entire island? noooo.
Thanks for the peer review.
np compadre! any time :D
@tomgrz - What is your opinion of the UFO phenomenon? It's been going on for centuries; not decades. They're depicted in ancient paintings.
tomgrz diaspora
As with many things: I do not know. There is certainly something going on in any number of these incidents that cannot be attributed to equipment malfunction, either electrical or neural.
tomgrz diaspora
It would be better not to lump all "UFOs" together in a single wastebasket category.
@tomgrz - "an enigma wrapped in conspiracy"?
tomgrz diaspora
I don't see a conspiracy. An Unidentified Conspiracy?
@tomgrz - Well, it could be a conspiracy as far as several nations' governments covering them up and ridiculing the masses when they try to question the "official story". "Oh, it was swamp gas." "Folks, it was just a weather balloon." Why not just be truthful? Heck, even the Vatican has come forward and been a little more honest about the phenomenon. That said, I'm sure they know much more than they're letting on. They probably have most of the books that were in the Library of Alexandria in an underground vault somewhere.
I have met two people personally who claimed to have seen a black triangle, and I consider (at least one of) them trustworthy enough not to be bullshitting.
...but that's terrestrial stuff.
the whoole city of Bendigo (inc myself) saw the UFOs of 1983 - they were cool! There was no panic, no screaming heebies, no abductions, just...hanging around, chilling with the humanies

^^ god the dj appears in the vid btw
@魔大农 Modanung - So, you are saying that we do in fact possess technology far more advanced than that for which most of the general public is aware? I won't say that I disagree.

@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - I saw something strange one time several years ago. I'll see if I can dig up my old G+ post about it.
[...] than that for which most of the general public is aware?
What methods do you use to determine public awareness?
tomgrz diaspora
The US, as well as Russia and China are busy building various kinds of devices (experimental and otherwise) which only a tiny number of people are aware-of, fully assembled. They do not have to be piloted by a warm body, nowadays. Would they qualify as UFOs? In a certain sense, yes.
I would call that hovering, not flying.
@魔大农 Modanung - Aware that the technology is ours rather than that of ETs.
...which are describes as "reproductions" of extraterrestrial crafts, by some sources.
@魔大农 Modanung - What do you think of this documentary?

It's not so much a "Part 2" as it is a "Version 2". This version is much more coherent than the original.
the general consensus of the deck-chair sitting public of Bendigo, 1983, was "Yep. One of ours". The raaf said "hmm..we really dont know..: in their Homer voice; if it was aany other country he would have been denying it was them. if it was really truly a spooky creepy aliens perving down on us with their gooey eyes and weird fingers they would've said it was something highly implausible like ye olde weather balloon.
so yeah. ours.
some of them even have eyes /on/ their fingers! bhhhh....
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - While some of the "metallic" ones could be ours, I think the various forms of "light ships" or orbs of light are theirs. They can pull maneuvers and move at speeds that would easily kill anyone using "conventional" technology. They can also blink in and out of our three dimensional reality with ease.
how come no-one's ever seen them when having a flog? not one report states "i was fairly going for it when..". which makes me question the veracity of the reports from the outset. are they well-mannered aliens? i dont think blinking in and out of dimensions without even phoning is very well-mannered.
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - Honestly, I think it's more like, "Hey! We're here! Stop fighting and call on us if you need us!" Rather than, "Hey! Just like big brother, we're watching your every move!" We're just too distracted and/or ridiculed to focus on their message. They've been doing crop circles for centuries.
need them for what? to find another planet to fuck over? we're doing okay with that ourselves unless...Elon...boy from the stars...or to the stars - to/from much of a muchnes.
to find another planet to fuck over?
No, another planet to defend from ourselves.
tomgrz diaspora
Need something to do.
i'm not sure we'd be all that interesting to a technologically-advanced species. Going by the dwindling number of UFO sightings, i'd say we're not :/
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - No, to help clean up our planet. Rumor has it they have the means to clean up the Fukushima disaster; among other things. They could also provide us with real clean energy.

It's not about being interesting. It's about an advanced benevolent civilization wanting to help a less advanced civilization. However, we must show that we want their help. Even if you think Dr. Steven Greer is a source of misinformation, you cannot deny that he has made some good points with regard to showing the ETs that we want their help. Others have too.

As for the dwindling number of sightings, that might be more due to things become more volatile. The looming threat of nuclear war, etc. The last thing they want to do is lose any of their own. Sure, they're more advanced, but some of them are still vulnerable to our weapons.

As for "short stature", that's called the "island effect".
Rumor has it they have the means to clean up do I....
Doesn't mean it's tidied here. ツ

Imagine zipping across the galaxy, once in a while going like: "Oh right, I promised to help those Humans clean up their mess... but I'm already halfway Eroticon VI now."
"cmon kids, roadtrip! We're going to Earth again!"
Yay... ROADTRIP.. I'm packed...!! :0))
hahaha i've had a go-bag packed for months. to go where?? the shed? xD

woohoo! tumblr would give me an award for 150 comments, just sayin. Again.
I'm sure betwixt the rest of the peeps in this conversation you could make it 200..!!
Maybe even 250...!! Whatdoya thinks... ;0))
LOLs then we take Berlin!
you are heavily invited, BUT WEAR YOUR MASKS!
@魔大农 Modanung - Sure, I can clean up too, but you didn't include the rest of the sentence. It includes important details as to what they can clean up.

@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - When you can use dimension hopping to get almost anywhere in the universe instantaneously, there's no limit. Of course, not all ETs are that high tech yet. Some merely travel within this galaxy. And still get from point A to point B much faster than we can currently dream of doing. Why are we still using 100+ year old technology for propulsion? I think the real answer to that question will explain many things about our current predicament on so many levels.
i collect masks! i was born for this day! To Berlin! Once we're allowed out to play again. :)

could you imagine if Victorians get ahold of that, David! they'd be popping everywhere! not good at staying still. sure would make going to the shop for milk a lot easier though..plague/milk..yin yang.
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - Forget going to the shop. You'd get nearly instant delivery!

Speaking of Berlin . . .

Image explanation
It includes important details as to what they can clean up.
If they can do it, so can you... or it's not very advanced tech they have. シ
ah yes! thankyou for bringing this beauty to the fore.
lost me at "clean up", i'm afraid. that is not my area.
!! unless they have some nifty floor shiny that stays shiny on cross-cut umm lumber. black lumber. old. not shiny.
I'm not buying the idea of clean aliens: They always leave a mess...

But maybe automation just made them forget how to wipe their proverbial ass.
@魔大农 Modanung - The cattle mutilations could be a psyop to make us view these otherwise benevolent beings in a negative light. I think most of the so-called abductions are pysops too done by a malevolent organization that may or may not include military personnel.
a setup by the cattle to make us reconsider the slaughter of millions of their kind...and all this time i thought they just stood around, pondering. kudos to them!
it didnt work, but you get that.
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - Ah, I see what you did. 😄 But you have it backwards. I was referring to the ETs. I don't think they are necessarily responsible for cattle mutilations as we claim.
Cattle might have gone extinct by now if it wasn't for McDonald's.

@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ Can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs.
@魔大农 Modanung - You're either being facetious, sarcastic or both, right?
"yeah good" say the cattle dotting the fields, awaiting their second and probably final year on this earth.
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier - Isn't it strange that there is no singular form for cattle that includes both male and female of the species? Not in English anyway.
Did you know cows can also be whales?
Marvelous creatures.
calf? they get to be that for a little while before assigned their ritual death according to genitalia and age.
i speak for the cows for the cows are too shocked and disgusted to talk to us. They may call around christmas time but dont hold our breaths. <- last msg received.
@魔大农 Modanung - From the same album as Don't Kill The Whale . . .

Arriving UFO by Yes
I sometimes like to imagine where technological advances will take us, or have possibly taken others... and I see no reason why aliens wouldn't be anarchic, disorderly and have a wide range of personalities and interests. To me it seems unlikely - and somewhat irrational to assume - that creatures making it to Earth would be part of something monolithic. The "Federation" might be nothing more than a roadside assistance subscription.

Suppose anyone could print a (random) space ship and zip off in any direction.
The world "alien" has such negative connotations. It's not even always correct. There are extraterrestrial beings, extra-dimensional beings and highly advanced species that have been on Earth longer than humans. Some have evolved beyond the need for physical bodies.
For all we know, Earth is the best kept secret and known for its delicious cow face meat... where some go camping to get away from their crazy home world and to take pictures with exotic sentient lifeforms.
@魔大农 Modanung - I'm sure they have a wide range of personalities. They might have evolved beyond the need to be governed by a ruling class, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily disorderly. That said, their sense of morals might not match that of some highly benevolent humans. Then again, theirs might be much higher.
"Dude, you just have to try their cow face. Best meat ever." -- Paul
@魔大农 Modanung - Or, perhaps, they are the ones who seeded life on Earth. Something akin to the late Lloyd Pye's Intervention Theory.