OK, I'm going to get my prediction in early, here's some of what I expect to happen (in England, as the devolved governments have their own rules) over the next couple of months:
  • some kind of "lockdown" with more holes (exceptions) than a Swiss cheese from Thursday
  • pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops busy until "lockdown" kicks in, as people want to use their "last chance"
  • numbers will go down a bit towards the end of November and into early December
  • government will proclaim it a success and announce a "ceasefire" or "truce" for Christmas where people can visit their families in order to "save Christmas"
  • the virus will still not understand or know what a "ceasefire" or "truce" is and happily continue doing what it does best: infecting and making people ill, or even killing them
  • in January numbers will start to rise again, first calls for another "lockdown" will be made. Which the government will ignore. Track & Trace still not working
  • by the end of February another "lockdown" is announced
(and that's ignoring the mess that Brexit will bring, deal or no-deal, as nobody has the time & resources to prepare for it during lockdown)

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Sounds about right. I also predict a street party in central London on Wednesday night that will be heard from miles away. Oh, and no one will ever catch up with Jeff Bezos.
A very credible scenario!
As predicted, party night on Wednesday without much social distancing. Let's give the virus a hand before lockdown.
Here in the US, it’s gonna come to pass that even if the Senate and White House are lost, We’ll still be looking at a President Pelosi once Rona makes her rounds…again. Those who caught it once can catch it again and it’ll be worse than the first time. Boris Johnson's prospects and those of the Tories are similar.