#UK #police deny responsibility for poster urging parents to report kids for using #Kali #Linux

Virtual machines, the #Tor Browser, Kali Linux, #WiFi Pineapple, #Discord, and #Metasploit are all deemed terrible finds and the poster urges parents to call the cops "so we can give advice and engage them into positive diversions."
Just a few years ago I would have been burnt at the stake.

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Dahaka diaspora
Kali have some tools that if you don't know what you doing, are meaningless and if you know what are you doing, you can install them on any distro...
What about parents deliberately teaching their children how to use a system with a real keyboard, how to be creative when using them, what technology drives them, what they can and can not do?

Are those parents supposed to turn themselves in, preferrably already cuffed, bought from their own money?
lntl diaspora
@anonymiss I think we can take it further. If your kid uses actual PC (not PlayStation, not iPad but something with a keyboard) it is a major red flag.
Lol. Exactly this. Next we'll have 104-key keyboards licensed like firearms with background checks.
Most dangerous are those people who use VMs though, which can e.g. be used to file taxes through the government required Windows software while running Linux. That is almost fraud.
Dahaka diaspora
And the end row: Tweetbot for Mac.