Guten Morgen Freunde der gepflegten #Morgentoilette 😀

Wenn der Lego-Mann fertig ist mit "pömpeln", wird sich die Schlage sicher schnell abbauen. Danach dürft ihr dann 😉😉

Seems to Lose Something in the Translation to English by Google:
Good morning friends of the well-groomed

When the Lego man finishes "pummeling", the beating will certainly break down quickly. Then you are allowed
@Joseph Teller The word "Pömpel" is a word from Northern lower German and used for various things (e.g. street posts) and also as a name for plunger. And "pömpeln" is simply the verb.

While well-groomed is the correct translation, here it's meant literally as "morning toilet"
Background (Jörn W. is collecting toilet pics)
Ah. Ok. Thank you. My broken bits of German left me confused (I didn't know “Pömpel” at all... and he Well Groomed thing as morning toilet went over my head).