Hope S. diaspora
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #academia, #chinoiserie, #economics, #gametheory, #literature, #lowbrowart, #mathematicians, #mathematics, #philosophy, #physics, #poetry, #science and #talking (and listening...sometimes 😏). Wow, I feel like a snob just looking at those tags, so:

My musical tastes are broad and shallow. I'm basically, guiltily monolingual (though I'd be happy to get back into Hindi if I had someone to talk to... I'm not ready to inflict my French on anyone yet). I have the soul of a stamp-collector, or perhaps, to be kinder, a medieval scholastic. My guilty pleasures include reading shitty, self-indulgent fanfiction fix-its and running too far in dumb places/conditions. I love to travel, especially in moldy, old European cities, but rarely get to do so for pleasure. I also like the outdoors, provided that it doesn't go much above 25 C... Feynman was my first crush. (Actually, that's a lie, I think it was the guy with the turtlenecks from Earth Final Conflict, but I don't even remember his name. No, that's also a lie, I think it was 'Liam.') I may or may not still have a huge man-crush on Pascal.

I find Facebook deeply boring, and not a great way to find new people or ideas (also, everyone I know is on there). Twitter has its uses, but those are mostly: finding interesting thinkers, and then, well, twitting them 😏. I thought about trying Diaspora a few years ago, but now all the cool people I followed on Google+ are... not on Google+ anymore. This is, apparently, what happens to me: the mysterious operations of the free market manage to create something that I really love, and then there isn't enough of a consumer base to actually sustain it. It happens with make-up, books, TV series and ice cream flavors too. Economics is a bitch. (But I love her anyway.)
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to D*.
Welcome to Diaspora* :-)
Welcome. There are a couple of browser extensions to enhance diaspora, also if you're interested there's a small hack to change the view to two or three columns.

Your feed will receive the posts from the people and tags you're following. If some tag has too much activity, you may want to visit manually from time to time instead.
hellis diaspora
There are a couple of browser extensions to enhance diaspora, also if you’re interested there’s a small hack to change the view to two or three columns.
This sound interestin, please tell us more.
Diaspora enhanced for Firefox and Chrome (but you should use Firefox).
The three columns custom CSS, I'll have to look for it when I'm back on my PC.
Hi, welcome to the Federation, on behalf of Spock, Sulu and the gang..
I still feel a bit "newby"ish welcoming anyone - but also a bit like a (Pluspora) old-timer, having also fled here from G+.
Not sure which of the hashtag potpourri brought you to me, but for sure philosophy & literature (just posted on this).
Your many interests seeking outlet/connection should do you well in pora* land, I think.

I'm a social scientist (among other things) and did a lot of research on social media, especially hearing my world of G+ was being destroyed by its parents and looking for re-settlement options. I focused on the pora* and MeWe worlds. Since we're "here" I'll just speak to this - I find that many of the people I met in the last months of G+, with my involvement in some forums and death-watch G+ groups, were very positive about pora*/Federation in general as well as specific regional and member pods/instances. (Had to learn the jargon!) And many of the tech and professional-focused people who interacted there - some heavy geeks as well as community and collection fans - ended up "here". (Whereas many who were mostly involved in photo and other topic-related communities on G+ went to MeWe, which has "albums" and groups, some supposedly "public" but really like FB and AOL, closed circuit).

All this to say - see what getting sleep finally on the weekend can do? - settle in, look around, and welcome to this very large swath of international interaction. (I'm not naturally, or by dint of profession, chatty, most of the time but your tag "talking" and having some energy after sleep and coffee are both kicking in, and the timing of seeing your "sharing" note.)

Tags do rule here, and work very well. If I might suggest, if you want to maximize the likelihood of running into some old Google+ connections, some of whom may have changed screen names, use the #gplusrefugee and/or #googleplus and you'll be seen by others following or exhibiting those tags in their feed. Enjoy!!
Robbie diaspora
Hi, welcome! I'm actually new around here too. I was on Facebook for a little while because all the other dancers I know are on it, but it's so phoney and it's all about "look at me, ain't I awesome?" And then there's the ads, the groups where everything gets political (not like national politics, but group politics, vying to get noticed and get a big following, like the number of Facebook friends is how your worth is measured. Then there's that whole privacy thing too. In real life I'm very shy, and it turned out I was the same way on Facebook because there's all this artificial pressure to collect "friends" (wait, friends? Or is it "fans" or something? Too much drama, too much vying for status. This is a whole lot nicer, at least so far it is.
mmm hope you stay a lot with us
So for a better experience, you'll want :

Diaspora optimizer extension:


If you'd rather have a 2 columns or 3 columns view, there's a hack that works with the Stylus extension:


Then you'll need to create a configuration for your pod, and configure it to use this custom CSS (this is my configuration, 3 columns view):
/* ===== TALLER NOTIFICATIONS DROPDOWN ===== Doc Edward Morbius */ 
.navbar.navbar-fixed-top .nav-badges .dropdown-menu .notifications { 
    max-height: calc(85vh - 4em); 
    min-height: 8em; 

/* ===== EXPAND ALL POSTS ===== Gible Fog */ 
.expander { 
    display: none; 
.stream-element .collapsible, 
.stream-element .collapsible.collapsed { 
    max-height: 1000px; 
    overflow-y: auto!important; 
    height: unset!important; 

/* ===== TRIPLE COLUMN STREAM ===== Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter */ 
/* For two columns, change 33% to 50% */ 
/* To adjust sidebar size, alter 15%-85% split */ 
/* To remove sidebar, use "display:none" instead of width:0% */ 
/\* #main-stream .stream-element { 
    float: left; 
    width: calc(33% - 20px); 
    margin-right: 20px; 
} \*/ 

#main-stream > div { 
  display: grid; 
  grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fill, minmax(33%, 1fr)); 
  grid-gap: 0.5em; 

body > .container-fluid > .row > .col-md-3 { 
    width: 15%; 
body > .container-fluid > .row > .col-md-9 { 
    width: 85%; 
.container-fluid { 
    max-width: none; 

/* ===== DOUBLE COLUMN COMMENTS ===== Isaac Ji Kuo */ 
/* To adjust post width, alter 40%-60% split */ 
/* For three columns, change 50% to 33% and column-count to 3 */ 
/\* #single-post-content.col-md-6.single-post-content { 
    width: 40%; 
#single-post-interactions.col-md-6.single-post-interactions { 
    width: 60%; 
    column-count: 2; 
    column-width: calc(50% - 5px); 
    column-gap: 5px; 
} { 
    break-inside: avoid; 
} \*/
Hope S. diaspora
@Stuart Duckworth, @Vladimir, @Brian Ó 🐟, @Violante de Rojas, @Jim Symon, @Shane Rogers, @Chris Genly @Boris B, @Christoph S, @Taraak Cynos, @Kai Lücke,, @astheroth 明日照 thank you, I have high hopes. (I think I managed to add everyone.)

Also, @Ted, snowbird or native? (#floridacracker asking, but no judgment either way :P)

@Noam Bergman Ha, thank you, that's what I need, someone to enable my bad decisions. And yes, tea is for all occasions.

@Emmanuel Florac Thank you, I love fiddling with things, I may look at it when I have the time.

@Michael Fenichel Haha, it was probably #literature, philosophy on the internet is a dangerous thing. And thanks, that's helpful, glad I chose D* then; I can definitely be numbered among the community and collection fans. :)
I'm more concerned about etiquette than the jargon. It seems to be a lot harder to pick that up, both on the internet and irl, perhaps because there's more noise, i.e. a larger proportion of people not complying with and/or caring about etiquette/customs/whatever.

@Robbie Nice to meet you then. Yes, FB is now exclusively for family, and friends I can't seem to shake. :)
In real life I'm not shy, but people tend to think I am (since I am bookish and capable of being quiet), so I think we'll get along fine.
Ted diaspora
I'm a #snowbird but came here as a kid. :-)
Welcome among us 😊