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I guess any question about the UK and a second referendum now doesn't matter.

Given the EU appears to have just voted to commit suicide by alienating the youth and internet savvy folks who form the base that actually stops more countries leaving I think we can reasonably bet that
  • Any UK second referendum will feature an anti-EU campaign about article 13 and how corrupt the EU is - aimed at the people who matter (the younger vote)
  • It it turns into the mess that seems likely then the anti-EU folks in other countries are going to follow the same path.
Not only that of course but due to article 11 the anti-EU trolls can post any garbage they like but nobody will be able to post real news links in response without a licence. Turkeys really do vote for Christmas sometimes.

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Well, given that more MEPs intended to vote for the amendments to remove Articles 11 and 13 than against them, the whole thing is an undemocratic disaster in any case.
It's not that MEPs abstained, it's that they accidentally voted the exact opposite of the way they intended due to a last minute change in the order of the votes. That's what I call undemocratic, that an error like that can't be corrected.
The change of the order had affected ALL MPs. So all managed to find the correct button, but those 10 - 18 not? Interesting.
Not everyone is equally paying attention.
Alan Cox diaspora
@Fu ZX I am sure quite a few of the exit wanting MEPs saw it as a golden opportunity to pee in the communal pot and drive anti EU feeling.