He will... just as soon as his pawns realize what a shitty deal they're getting in life.
@Ivan Melezh, but who will pull the Guillotine, maybe you? ;)
ps: then you will put yourself on his place, you know.
@Ivan Melezh, but both is a killers.
i meant "kill is kill", doesn't matter that, you know... then you killing someone - you killing yourself firstly. always. ask ex-soldiers, they know.
so if you killing yourself then you become "dead inside" and get bored (in awaiting for your own end in "this place") and will become to asshole or/and dictator to others. its simple. better even never try. and do not promote it to others. you know... humans is very addicted to be manipulated.
I hope very soon we can finally stop all wars and killings on this planet. And some day then we can finally make whole planet GREAT AGAIN! :)
Well, may be you didn't heard yet about khazarian mafia arrested just few days ago in Italy. ~300 inhumans not controlling us any more. And i do believe its only beginning! REALLY HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE! :D