Ahoy lovely people who use #BountySource to support the project!

We just had BountySource refund a total of USD 978.00 collected in 8 issues. Those were bounties placed on some old issues where nobody ever claimed the prize as there was no clear responsibility for who managed to solve the issue, and some more recent issues where the issue was closed as WONTFIX, either because the component that bug was about is no longer there, or because there was a decision that the requested feature is not in our current scope.

There is no reason to "hold the money hostage", so backers on those issues have received or will shortly receive a refund. Feel free to put the issue on other topics, or buy a cake or something. :)
Hi, is there any news and agenda about diaspora futur dev plans and organisations ? It seems very slow with very few coders and reviewers compared to what it used to be in the past. I understand this is a part time projet, but I love diaspora and it kinda make me sad.
I just joined, and am using via a cellphone. I see no one in my stream but diaspora* HQ. Do you know why?
You should start following #tags and have a look at the public timeline
Hi, @baptist_joshua_on_youtube, and welcome to diaspora\*! Click here to read our welcome post for new members, which includes a number of tips to help you get connected.
sfb< SigmundFreud'sBartender, I have done both and yet there is nothing but diaspora's mostly old notices. I plan to try via laptop. Thanks.
diaspora* HQ, thank you. I was already familiar with that page. It changed nothing. On my cellphone, there is a giant asterisk in the top left. I click on that and it says it takes me to the diaspora stream. There are only two commentors on that stream, and most of the comments are months or years old.
Try the daily #checkin posts. Lots of active users there!
Thanks everybody. It still is not working. I have several notices of people who began sharing with me, yet if I click on Stream, it is only diaspora* HQ posts.
who began sharing with me : if s.o shares with you you will not see their post in your stream. They will see yours. You have to share with them to see it.
if not wonking, it's a bug. try another browser maybe.
It's not a bug, @Ohmu Ϟ. 'Sharing' means 'I am happy for you to see the content I've shared with the aspect(s) I've added you to. If someone sharing with you and that meant that you started seeing their content, that would be like enabling them to spam you. When you start sharing with someone, you offer them the chance to read content from you; you don't force your content on them. Hope that helps explain it a bit more.
diaspora* is largely one-sided. you have to follow people that look interesting, and you have to follow #hashtags you think are interesting.

Pick some topics you like - I dunno, #religion or #science or whatever, and posts containing that hashtag should show up in your stream. Likewise if you come across interesting people, follow them, and what they post publicly (or in an aspect you're in they share with) will show up in your stream.

It's not a big, it's a feature. You have complete control over what you see when you click the dandelion, so if you don't follow things/people your feed will be sparse
That should be bug rather than big.