Just you wait until Brexit has actually happened, we're only in the transition phase now. Just you wait until you have to make sure your (blue) passport is valid for at least six months. Just you wait until you need an international driving license just to drive a car in some EU countries. Just you wait until your travel insurance skyrockets because the EHIC won't be valid any more. Just you wait until you need to apply for a visa waiver before even traveling to the EU, like you already have to do before traveling to the US.

And yes, that's exactly what you voted for. Sovereignty goes both ways. If the UK "takes back control of its borders", so does the EU.

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Right. Majority should be happy with what they voted, and got. That's what they wanted, wasn't it?

Sorry for the minority.
You wanted it, now you have it.
Be happy.
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You wanted it, now you have it.
the first half of that isnt true, for scotland and northern ireland.

and about >70% of people who did not vote for it.