Drama Queen Doggo

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Please do NOT re-share anything from this person. He was** banned from pluspora** months ago and we don't want his material here. He's a self proclaimed Hitler Fanboy of the worst kind.

Also please do not subscribe to his posts.... by doing so you propagate his stuff onto the server and this is NOT WANTED.
Du solltest unbeding auf Joseph Goebbels Teller hören: Habe besser nichts mit Leuten wie mir zu tun, die "unerwünscht" sind, und die man boykottieren muss!
Some people do not get it how the federation works. Sorry Joseph but it does sound like you are telling everyone on other pods to stop sharing since it could be something you do not want to see. Did you see what was shared?
No, @Hans W I do know.

I was entirely posting to the one person on Pluspora, Chris, and commenting on his reshare to him.

Our Pod has rules and policies that Theaitetos had the ban hammer brought down on him for by our Site management months ago. My assumption is that @Christoph S did not see this when it occurred and thus reshared this post he saw.

I do know how the system works the content of the post is not the point, the source of the post is.

@Theaitetos (テアイテトス) when he was here regularly attacked anyone with a name that he thought was Jewish and made an uncomfortable environment for people. Harassment of other users violates the policies of pluspora and once banned for that sort of thing you stay banned.

If no one on our pod shares with him or reshares his material on our pod then his publicly posted material will not show here.

His racist harassment borders on a hate crime in some jurisdictions in the USA (including the state I live in). Generally ANY criminal activity is not acceptable on the Diaspora network.

The Russiandiaspora is considered a rogue pod on our network that regularly violates the policies of the diaspora network, in case you didn't know. There has been discussion of blocking the entire pod because of the large group of persons there who have been banned from other pods.