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Socialism and fascism are indeed related.
I think you need a helmet.
Maybe you have a mess in this.
Nazism is form of socialism.
Fascism is from the economic way corporatism with strong state support.
It may have some mild nationalistic tendencies.
But it is a leader and/or elites, which drive the state their own way with no other option to be accepted at all (might be even illegal), what makes it fascism.

Fascism actually does not have one doctrine and one style because Italians can not finish even an idea.
Maybe USA and EU are more fascist in basics than Italy was.
Fascism basically dictates how a person must behave as well as what they must believe. From what I've seen, absolutely no one in a capitalist society requires that of citizens but left-leaning individuals routinely demand that we accept the consequences of their mental illness such as transsexualism, the idea that gender is a construct and the idea that anyone who believes in traditional marriage is a Nazi for fear of violent repercussions. Those people also love socialism and the morons advocating for it like Bernie Sanders. To me, it's clear who the fascists are and I will spend my life fighting anyone who believes that it is the solution to our world's problems.
@Andr-O-Mat Well, based on what current society thinks, I'm proud nazi. :op
In reality I am just a little bit conservative.
@Pavel Suk Nazism wasn't a form of socialism either. That's a popular myth in some parts, but utter BS.

While there were some Nazis who came from a socialist perspective, the socialist aspects of the NSDAP's program were mostly pure populism to gain support in the population (Goebbels later admitted as much). What was left of the early socialists in the party was purged first with the Strasser faction in 1930 and later in the Night of the Long Knives in '34.

What remained might sometimes look like socialist policies on the surface, but both in their means and their goals, they were anything but. Also, the Nazis very much clung to corporatism and didn't have any interest in really empowering workers.

Look here:
(I have more in German if you like...)
@Michael Rupp You are absolutely right. Even more correct "the loudest part of society".
@Carsten Reckord
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei...
  • price regulation
  • rent regulation
  • progressive income tax
  • joint taxation of husband and wife
  • subsidization of agriculture
  • strengthening the pension system
Exactly what Czech Socialist Democratic Party wanted and still have. I have never mentioned communism, but socialism it wanted to be and in fact it was.

Nazis went even further with Lebensborn. That was really true socialist idea. :op
@pavel that is bullshit, socialism doesnt mean price regulation or progressive income tax, thats realy pure trolling, if you would come with socialism, you need marx or fourier, hess, owen, godwin or saint-simon, but these claiming-nonsens is just stupid and nor stupid right wingers think that this would be funny, but its much less funny then the flat-earth-theory, but same-level-stupidtiy
and btw, there is a difference between social-democracy and socialism,socialism is about the means of production, not about taxes