A response to the Delta Airlines union busting program ! AH AH AH AH AH !

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So French
Guillotine is aristocratic distinction for the people. Only nobles had the right to be beheaded before revolution (common peoples were hanged to death and it wasn't long drop)
But to be beheaded with an axe or a sword isn't a real privilege: you need at least 2 strikes and executioners often "missed" the head for public delight
Doctor Guillotin improved the process: the guillotine kills you for sure and you loss consciousness immediatly (there's the esthetic discomfort of hearing the blade falling, nonetheless)

Peoples whom have not money for their workers but can spend a lot of bucks to bust their rights don't reward guillotine. Just beat them until your limbs are numb
I'll bet we could build a workable guillotine for less (ya know, like they do with planes...) and we can charge the execs a fee to use the stairs to get there, a fee to make sure the blade is sharp and the weight is correct, a fee to be sure there's no delay with the drop and a few more fees, just because...