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Je me trompe ou c'est un faucon?
Am I wrong or is it a hawk?

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I'm in Europe and have no experience with north american birds, but it looks like a Broad-winged Hawk Buteo platypterus
redj2 diaspora a Buteo I,m now 99% sure; but their are so many and I only have this angle... Hard to say!
Buteo platypterus? Could be:
Look at the tail with the light bands about as wide as the dark, that is distinguishing for this species due to my field guide.
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Yep! We're into it!
Thank you and @Birne Helene!
I'm still astonished to have seen this bird right in town, pursuing the seagull over a important street corner!! :-)
Here in middle Europe there is a tendency that medium size birds of prey are moving into towns. Especially goshawks are now breeding in larger amounts in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg. They have more than enough pigeons to feed on. But also sparrowhawks and common buzzards might be found. The much smaller common kestrel has been in towns here for centuries and even the larger peregrine falcon may show up once in a while.
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And in the mean time, we have to remember that WE are on their territory, not the opposite!