All Is One - Orphaned Land | Doku | Rockpalast | 2018 | GER - YouTube

Very very good documentation about Orphaned Land, a metal band from Isreal, and how they are trying to bring peace among different religions through their music.
And how music sometimes helps more than politics.

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Syl diaspora
Art is hope, but i fear that israel's policy and ambition don't want peace: it's such an hinderance on its growth. How could they conquer their markets and territories peacefully?
palestine leaders don't want peace, too. so fuck you and say your hate in an other place.
Syl diaspora
Hard to want peace when you're invaded.
hard tro change your mind when you are an bds asshole.

there are two sides of the story.

fuck borders, fuck bds, if the kids are united ...
die doku wird am ende immer besser. unbedingt angucken.
Syl diaspora
fuck borders...
Says the proponent of the segregation wall.
whether french or german... they don't care. they're both good antisemites.

look the docu...
Says the proponent of the segregation wall.
can you quote me on that? you argue like a right-wing asshole!
Syl diaspora
I quoted you on your defence of israel, but yeah, the band is good, and as i said, there's hope for peace in art, wherever it comes from. They are true believers.
I quoted you on your defence of israel
no, you are silly. i not defend israel. israel has a fucking right-wing. and at the end of the day i am an anarchist. so what was your "argument"?
Syl diaspora
Well, an anarchist trvializin, normalizin the invasion of palestine to establish the security order of israel, and its bunker houses.
Unbedingt auch den Abspann angucken
@Sy i am not on one side. the palestinensia autonomy adminsitration will delete israel. in this conflict there is no good and bad. but that is something you will not understand.

@Christoph S ja, der abspann ist mit das interessanteste an der doku.
Syl diaspora
What i understand pretty well, is that israel is still invadin palestine, from a millenary integrism, and that you're ignorin it and conformin to it as but a too complex conflict, with wrongs on both side... So much for the anarchist.