a bail hearing will now be heard

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tomgrz diaspora
If, finally he does not get extradited, the precedent will be weak.
i agree, @Trocatintas but that can be a fight to resume tomorrow. I would think bail will be granted on the same basis and,tbh, i think any means to the end was now applicable. Though not a smackdown to US imperialism, it was at least a stern directive to tidy up their prisons or no extraditions for them -_- At least now the battle can continue without Julian's life on the line in prison
tomgrz diaspora
There are worse things. Worse things by far.
@Alien (A23P) one of my bebbie's nursery songs - what a sweet reminisce :D
@Alien (A23P) why would you assume no-one is doing anything following (and prior to) the releases? you'd be very sadly mistaken if that were the case. One can do both (and more) - focus on the releases (which surprised no-one but provided some proof) and also focus on a person unjustly imprisoned.
i appreciated the hannibal humour :D
heaps! bc such things are of great interest to we net denizens - we made the thing @.@ As to Julian, i will fight to keep many people out of prison, especially one that seems to have been deserted by his government who are good and kind or i could get arrested for posting that if currently employed as a journo (oz law). -_-