Yeah! The typical logic flaw
Rhysy diaspora
Sooo... God won't burn a cross, but is fine with fires in cathedrals in general ?
Dunno. Maybe ask him why the Hajia Sophia is now a museum.
And also because the firefighters prioritized saving the art in the church over the roof structure:
I think the reason why the cross still stands is much more smiple: There was no fire at the alter. See the candles still intact.
Farhad diaspora
This is a not true, most of the firefighters risked their lives to work under the falling fire to save the artifacts and many idiots on twitter and facebook making fun of the French fire department for taking 2 hours to arrive at the site! It is sickening to read some of the comments by these morons on FB, Twitter and Reddit, they watch a 5 minute crap on Fox and think they know how the 18h our of dangerous work of those firefighters was done.
It really make me sick to even think of such idiots existence.
Also, if the fire was on the roof, the chimney effect would have drawn cooling air over most structures below.

It's physics, not god.

Albeit one might argue it was god who made physics the way it is...
grin diaspora
@Felix Tiede and, also, it was god who burnt the roof, so I better not complain. ;-)
Farhad diaspora
It's funny none of the religious people say that, but the would not hesitate to draw such conclusion about a mosque or library
grin diaspora
@Farhad "All generalisations are false." :-)

Yes, many religious people use their faith as a self-justification and therefore good things to them and bad things to other people happen by the hand of God, and bad things to them and good things to others happen due to random chance, natural forces or by Evil Intent. They have a prettysimple world view to suit their pretty simpole minds.

There are other people who have faith and do understand that it's rather a "how not to be an asshole" kind of system, where the Big Daddy is called "god". They are the minority, I agree.

But, anyway, I talked to God yesterday and he reassured me that he doesn't meddle with us, she's right now doing a big project on the other side of the Laniakea supercluster and he doesn't have time to worry about stupid people. And building maintainance is not her job anyway. ;-)