OMEMO or no OMEMO, the question is what's the threat level?

at the end of the day, if it's all about "security", just about everyone is screwed at the consumer chipset level.
whether or not a (large) adversary cares to exploit them AND reveal any of their hand to public (which may often yield breaking public laws) in court is another matter all together.

Encryption ALWAYS complicates and slows down communication efficiency to some degree.
Just a natural part of what comes with putting in an unnatural encryption process that wouldn't have previously existed on the communication and then doubling down on another decryption process that wouldn't have previously existed.
As encryption ALWAYS obfuscates communication, encryption for the sheer sake of encryption is inherently at least a "slower" if not also "bad" means of communication.

OMEMO isn't one of the more popular encryption methods. This means that if one request someone else to use it, they've probably inherently asked that other person to apply more of their energy and time to even being capable of handling the protocol. It also means that OMEMO doesn't have as many eyes ensuring it's security efficiency.....
it's just a natural stemming from the protocol not being used as frequently as other encryption methods.

Ivan, you've been having a good number of accounts citing you as a troll.
Part of the reason for that may stem from the fact that you'll inject subjects into threads that have little to nothing to do with the original post. In this case, there exist an original post of an artistic Disney's "Little Mermaid" re-interpretation that in and of itself has little to nothing to do with OMEMO, yet your comments regards OMEMO and past interactions with anonymiss on it.
The offtopic is totaly off :D
Every self-respecting hacker is using irssi + otr on hidden service server :P