Fieldwork Fails

The Messy Side of Science

This was a kickstarter project by Jim Jourdane, a book of stories shared by scientists working in the field about their everyday failures. It is produced to very high quality, and full of wonderful watercolor illustrations.

Jim still has a large stock of his books — an entire second print run — but the distributor he eventually found to handle sales for him is closing his account because the book doesn't sell enough copies to be, in their opinion, worth their trouble. Because in this modern world, if a book isn't on Amazon, that means it doesn't exist ... right?

So Jim is closing out his remaining stock, heavily discounted. This is a wonderful book, and especially at 75% off — that's only €4.25, plus shipping — it is a steal. And this is your last ever chance to get it.

Jim's store is here. Check it out. Because SCIENCE! (And also because books.)

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