While not directly Brexit related and there are plenty reasons I think this still matters. The influence and importance of the UK as well as related to it interest in the UK is waning. Yet the UK is leaving a powerful body (the EU) through which it could indirectly exert a lot of influence. I firmly believe it's the wrong decision and anyone believing the UK can increase or even regain its influence by leaving the EU is deluded.

Why fewer US students want to learn about UK these days

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The #leavers are in for a very big shock when the UK economy collapses after #Brexit.
Brexit offers Switzerland dowry. Each EU member country has title to back one language in their name as an official language of the EU. After the UK leaves, English will lack backing. All three languages most spoken by the Swiss -- German, French, and Italian -- are already registered by other EU countries. While there is a fourth language, Rumantsch, spoken in a few Swiss valleys, the numbers of its speakers is massively less than speakers of English.

Therefore, was Switzerland to enter the EU, it could easily choose English, and that could reveal of better than symbolic utility given the prevalence of English speakers in the EU.
We must realise that chinese is not an exotic language. Times are changing fast.
This is a country with a population much larger than those of north america and europe together.
So when which languages will "everyone" be speaking in the future..?
In any case, the UK has been regarded as a quasi protectorate of the USA, since, at the latest, WW2.
More research would point to after the USA War of Secession, when Palmerston believed he could go to war with the USA (everyone realised the UK couldn't).
Has no one wondered why the Munroe Doctrine didn't apply yo Canada? Maybe the USA got something more valuable than a Federal Republic of Canada.