Tempus device live streams patient data from air ambulance to receiving hospital


Medical emergencies are set to be better managed thanks to air ambulances being equipped with space-enabled technology.

Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex – which treats some 2,500 of the most seriously injured and ill patients each year in the south east of England – is to equip all its aircraft with devices developed in collaboration with ESA.

The equipment enables paramedics to live stream patient medical information – including electrocardiogram, body temperature, heart rhythm, pulse and respiration rate and blood pressure – via satellite or mobile phone network from the air ambulance to the hospital doctors who are due to take over their treatment.

The satellite link allows two‐way real-time consultations, which will help the air ambulance crew to take rapid clinical and transport decisions. It enables seamless electronic patient care reporting as the casualty leaves the care of the air ambulance crew and enters hospital.

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