@ivan zlax everybody knows, that he was an asshole at times, so where many others, even gems like Orwell or Ghandi had their dark corners.

So what?
Marx is not my hero (Ozzy Osbourne is), but he was an interesting thinker who found out a thing or two.
I doubt that, but be my guest.
@ivan zlax I am well aware, that Marx shared the admiration of his contemporaries for the roman empire, so do I and most people, who are interested in a sober view upon history.
First: the same as Marx himself, I am not a Marxist.
Then: the personal background of the author is not very important for the evaluation of his/her work.

A lot of thoughts that where written down by Marx are simply perfectly valid today, regardles how he came to that thoughts.

Also: That humans are more than their production value, that they are more than a part of a workforce and more than their conumer value is not realy marxist, its simply a value of humanism as such. Not something that can be taken for granted, but something, that needs to be enforced.

If Marx would have become a simple lawyer and never write any book or manifest, the notion here would still be perfectly valid. The world may thank Karl Marx for having said that so nicely but we did not need Marx to find it out.
btw, marx was a critic of humanism, as an bourgoise idealism, but he was a friend of humans, i would say, but he defintly analysed the capitalism very properly, so properly, that marx is more useable to explain the current situation, then any other famouse thinker i know (except horkheimer&adorno&postone&scholz, but all these build on marx;)
maybe someone else can better explain the problem of value then marx? but who?
There are not "parts" of mankind. There is only one mankind.
And people, who actively made a bizarre fortune by exploiting others and use that money to attack science, nature and human values in order to get even more rich and powerfull, like: the Koch Bros. acting as enemies of all people. Inculding you, fellow homo sapien.
yes, you are obviously not a homo *sapiens**, and the people who want to destroy mankind are called fascists
You cannot choose, to be not a part of humanity, nobody can. The same with breathing: you cannot choose, not to(dont try, please).

Whats with that "god" thing?

What god you mean? Odhin? Shiva? Amiterasu?

See: "god" can be chosen, because gods are no part of the physical world. Feel free to choose one. Still you stay homo sapien.
tomgrz diaspora
humans are more than their production value , Grandma.
tomgrz diaspora
Oddly, Marx was a materialist. That implies that humans are only what can be measured. Oh well.
@tomgrz dialectic Materialism is somewhat different from the cliché of "brutal materialism". In fact it simply does not need the order of some goddess to appreciate human life.
tomgrz diaspora
^ There is no "more likely" when it comes to materialism. It's a fairly straightforward assumption, or perspective.
tomgrz diaspora
But now that I think about it, Marx's "dialectic" certainly had some extra-material influence going on there, some kind of super-order above material history. But I'm not an expert here...