Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #academia, #chinoiserie, #economics, #gametheory, #literature, #lowbrowart, #mathematicians, #mathematics, #philosophy, #physics, #poetry, #science and #talking (and listening...sometimes 😏). Wow, I feel like a snob just looking at those tags, so:

My musical tastes are broad and shallow. I'm basically, guiltily monolingual (though I'd be happy to get back into Hindi if I had someone to talk to... I'm not ready to inflict my French on anyone yet). I have the soul of a stamp-collector, or perhaps, to be kinder, a medieval scholastic. My guilty pleasures include reading shitty, self-indulgent fanfiction fix-its and running too far in dumb places/conditions. I love to travel, especially in moldy, old European cities, but rarely get to do so for pleasure. I also like the outdoors, provided that it doesn't go much above 25 C... Feynman was my first crush. (Actually, that's a lie, I think it was the guy with the turtlenecks from Earth Final Conflict, but I don't even remember his name. No, that's also a lie, I think it was 'Liam.') I may or may not still have a huge man-crush on Pascal.

I find Facebook deeply boring, and not a great way to find new people or ideas (also, everyone I know is on there). Twitter has its uses, but those are mostly: finding interesting thinkers, and then, well, twitting them 😏. I thought about trying Diaspora a few years ago, but now all the cool people I followed on Google+ are... not on Google+ anymore. This is, apparently, what happens to me: the mysterious operations of the free market manage to create something that I really love, and then there isn't enough of a consumer base to actually sustain it. It happens with make-up, books, TV series and ice cream flavors too. Economics is a bitch. (But I love her anyway.)