Meanwhile... a nurse friend passed this along. FYI, COVID-partygoers, reality-deniers / low info/high-riskers
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You may not see this (haven't even posted it yet) but think you'll appreciate this.
It's all in the art of the st- deal. In my browser as I was about to paste it as a post, but "here too," why not....

And now a message from our Supreme Leader

Step Right Up!

"It is what it is" .
All that science and phony liberal concern about life is nonsense. It's a hoax. Now listen to me : "I'm the chosen one.... I'm smart.... A stable genius. I can do cognitive. I have all the best words..."

And I've got just what you want... it's perfect. Step right up!

It scrambles your eggs, it shaves your legs...

Speaking of quotes. I'm sure that CEO is full of them. Smarts, not so sure. ☮️

To wear the mask this way is like wearing a condom in your balls.
And to not install ionizers in public spaces is like swimming in semen.
You'd think people might somehow understand these things!
Like the OP, this should be "Captain Obvious"-level "news"... but....
I just came across this scientific explanation of why covering the nose matters.
I've heard tin foil masks work best to stop the spread.
Yes, worn directly on the brain, wherever that may be located.
@Michael Fenichel I think I managed to locate my cranium, and you?

Contrary to trends, I've never lost track of either reality or cranium.
This guy seems at least aware of wear the breathing passages are found.
Stay like this and he'll be very popular.
I call it the Aluminati mask.
@Michael Fenichel If you think you can track reality, you must be delusional.
Must be. Either that or a psychologist.
"Context and Perspective"
Nonono; psychologists don't track reality, they define it.
I'll take it. Though some common usage and definition used to be comforting.
False comfort.
YMMV (Your mileage may vary). Have fun... off to some different reality now. Ciao.