The sound of accordion has something of nostalgia mixed with hopeful resistance in time and moment.
Yes… True. From the soul… and this soul here, in this place and time. As they say, “it made my head explode”. I agree completely -“something of nostalgia”.

I am still rescuing digital images from a damaged disk (technology!) and finding many images of this man, standing, and sitting. In a way, he was absorbing and interacting with this moment, from the same spot I love too. So many feelings I felt him feeling… (make sense?) And for some reason, this one somehow drives my attention to his posture… “exhaustion”? Sadness? Determination? I suppose all, and much more.
You are right, his posture may reveal his feelings, which (as you felt) probably were exhaustion, sadness, determination... and much more. But the changing of his place, sitting and then standing ( beyond the need to rest or unwind his body) may be connected with the switching of his feelings.Anyway, his figure, right on the sidelines of people having fun walking, makes him look like a narrator, like the ancient "vocalist" recounting situations. His "voice" is his accordion and his music tries to connect the era before with era after the corona virus.
Beautiful photo!
Thank you, @Silvia Aldovini!

@Maria Rachmanidou I think you are exactly right, the accordion player was like the "narrator" of the scene, the 'voice' and the sound-track too.
When I was in Paphos Harbor we met an accordion player just like this so I grabbed Dot and started dancing with her. The harbor is a busy place and we seemed to attract attention but the collection plate seemed to fill a little quicker
+1 @Dave Sutton Sounds like fun! This particular venue, alas, was nowhere near as cheery, in the heart of a pandemic, wearing masks & distancing.
But as Maria said, he was a (bittersweet) sound-track for the day, as was your happier encounter with accordion. Collection plate... I shudder to think what this guy was "taking in" from his braving his life to be here playing. (Yes, some cash came his way from those returning to Bow Bridge at last, including me....)