Is there a Linux client for Diaspora? I'm tired of using the web browser.
Ideally a console one. Something like mutt for email or profanity for XMPP.
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Thing is: Diaspora makes heavy use of JavaScript, which complicates things a bit. I found a couple of projects aiming at a cli-client, alas, none seems to be actively developed anymore.
In case you're a programmer, have a look at browsh, which - as far as I remember - makes use of firefox headless in order to render all this web2.0 stuff.
lol - Sorry, I put it wrong: I think that a mechanism like using firefox headless to render the actual page which can then be used to grep the needed parts from could work as a mechanism to get diaspora to the command line.
I haven’t been too impressed by browsh itself as well, I’m still using lynx for my shell-browsing purposes (80% surfraw and opening links from newsboat at the moment). W3m for dumping pages as text files easily and elinks for pages that ar hardly readable using lynx.

For the sake of completeness - what I found in regards to the original question was …:

Alas, the links above did not get me far (so far, haven't tried everything yet).