A Moon Space Elevator Is Actually Feasible and Inexpensive: Study | Observer

Dangling the space elevator at this height would eliminate the need to place a large counterweight near Earth’s orbit to balance out the planet’s massive gravitational pull if the elevator were to be built from ground up. This method would also prevent any relative motion between Earth’s surface and space below the geostationary orbit area from bending or twisting the elevator.

These won’t be problems for the moon because the lunar gravitational pull is significantly smaller and the moon’s orbit is tidally locked, meaning that the moon keeps the same face turned toward Earth during its orbit, therefore no relative motion of the anchor point.

After doing the math, the researchers estimated that the simplest version of the lunar elevator would be a cable thinner than a pencil and weigh about 88,000 pounds, which is within the payload capacity of the next-generation NASA or SpaceX rocket.
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The happyness of theoretists are always crushed by evil engineers.

As the first one without even thinking about it: What if there would be, say, space junk on geostationary orbit? And above? Just as a, khm, theory? The elevator would have same fun as other GEO stuff ( and above.