Question for our Irish friends on Diaspora:
Now that we have clearly seen, during the past couple of years, that there is much solidarity between the EU, the EU members and Ireland, will Ireland be changing to driving on the right side of the road, like your friends from the even more Eastern continent do? :-)

After all, the influence by your Eastern neighbours will be diminished after March 29, and the production in the UK of right-hand drive cars will probably be decimated in a couple of years.

Would that not be a wonderful display of true and heartfelt solidarity and friendship between Ireland and the rest of us in the EU? Plus it would probably make importing cars easier, and hence cheaper, because you would no longer need cars right-hand drive cars.
Just asking ;-)

For all of us on the continent, did you know a ferry ticket from Cherbourg in France to Dublin is only a little over 100 euro’s pp and for just a little bit extra you can bring your car too?
Disclaimer: I have no relations with Irish ferries whatsoever; I am not even a client (yet).

I did not know that, but now that I do, I am tempted. I have never visited Ireland before (blush), but this sounds interesting. A vacation in Normandy in France (that’s where Cherbourg is), to be combined with a week in Dublin, sounds interesting.

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I'd recommend visiting Ireland. Just be aware that Dublin is not Ireland in the same way as London is not Britain and Tokyo is not Japan.

The further you are from Dublin the more relaxed it gets. Dublin is worth visiting too don't get me wrong.
@Alan Cox Scotland and/or Ireland are those countries I really like to visit. Especially, as I am a huge fan of those Celtic stuff and generally interested in history.
Regarding Japan, I know this firsthand from my gf who spent some time there and will again. Tokyo is just "full". Japan is currently on my bucket list for maybe next year.
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I agree, Schotland is nice. I would like to visit Barra by plane some day, if only for the spectacular airfield.
Planes are landing on the beach as part of a 'normal' service.