Just in case you’re getting tired of being the cook every Thanksgiving.

#humor #thanksgiving
Doesn’t it just @Stephen Gunnell? Strange
Seafood stuffing! Yum!
Oh that's scary. I think it's the eyes! @Katherine Bond
For me, it’s everything @Shonie Hutter. 😝
Yeah, I notice they made the skin kind of pale and rubbery-looking. Yuck.
Not my idea of a good Thanksgiving feast!!
I don't know. I think I could cope especially if it kept the body count at the table down. Also have to check that daddy isn't around.
I'll just stick with the beer...
My brother (a chef and mischief maker) would probably love to make and eat something like this @Stephen Gunnell. When he made snail bread, he’d actually hide snails in it. He also served baby squid at family get togethers. We put one on top of a bowl of ice cream for him.