Interior of a German UB-110 submarine, c. 1918.
Glad you made the move over here. On diaspora it's important to add and use some Hashtags, e.g. #art #history #science #biology whatever fits
ok, will try that. Unfortunately I can't edit my old posts.
Good advice @Christoph S - I've been trying to remember that.... it's a bit different from the old G-minus system in that regard.
Yes it feels different at first, but after a while you accept the odds. Like on G minus ➖ (love the name btw)
Hehehehe- That name is from the mind of ;D
Didn't you come up with Google Pus? lmao.
Fk G666gle
I'm going to watch Das Boot again this week. Such an awesome film, one of the best I've ever seen. It's long but you get lost in the story and don't realize the length of the film. Some of the scenes can be tough if you are claustrophobic (and I am).
Never seen that movie..... guess I should.....

Lol - neah, you came up the Google Minus I thought.... whatever... It's so fitting.... and I just saw this, which made me laugh my ass off....
By who?! Told by WHO?!
Hehe - I dunno... but it's funny