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for @zauberstuhl

10 days ago, after the pod was completely broken for three weeks, its podmin wrote this post. I usually keep tabs with still unanswered questions open for a while, so I can ping again. Interestingly, when I wanted to check that post for updates, that post didn't exist anymore. It was deleted by the podmin.

Under the post I asked jd's podmin how he plans to prevent similar issues in the future. I commented that obviously asking for help within feneas didn't help as nobody responded to that question for 3 months.

Lukas then responded by calling me a liar, because somebody did indeed respond! And anyway, this was the first time ever that it took him so long to respond or solve such issues!

And .. wtf?
He was right, he got one response, but that response only added more questions, it was no response to the actual question looking for someone to help maintain the pod.
And I have no idea how on earth he could just state that similar issues never took him so long to respond to or resolve. I mean, just scroll #joindiaspora for a while! Joindiaspora completely looses federation almost every three weeks ("JD's a lonely island again", "Finally seeing other pods' content again after x weeks", etc). It constantly gives 502 or 504 errors to its users when trying to publish posts or uploading photos. Stream isn't loading for weeks. At times where it does actually work, it's mostly so slow that one can barely use it.
Users do talk about it. Users send posts with complaints. Users mention the podmin account and the podmin's personal account. And he usually simply ignores them, for weeks. His reaction this time was no exception, but his usual reaction. See screenshots.

Many people already left joindiaspora, because it's so broken. Other users desperately wait for the account migration tool, so that they can finally leave this broken pod.
If you don't ever see these posts: What kind of parallel universe are you living in?

So let me ask this again:

How do you plan to prevent such issues in the future? How do you plan to solve the issue of you being the only person with access to the pod/server - the only person who can fix problems?

Deleting your posts whenever someone in the comments asks about the future of your pod won't make JD's problems disappear.

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