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Rare photo from Armstrong's walk on the moon emerges.

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This is Apollo 16, Armstrong whas not there (of course, other objects were)
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I thought Kubrick's was just a backup... for either in case they failed to make it, or because they couldnt find anywhere there to film that wouldn't reveal ... whatever it is about the moon we're not supposed to know. Machines, Life, geological stuff, archaeological stuff... I hear many possibilities.

Certainly were A LOT of faked moon footage though, not just the first. I imagine much of it too embarrassingly obvious to the more media/physics astute population now to allow to be seen again. n_n

While certainly cheaper to fake it, and may have been a ploy to try to get Russia to bankrupt itself, I still think it much more likely humans had been to the moon, and many times more than revealed, and before Armstrong too... heck, even before Gagarin.

The secret space program(s) is(/are) a fffffascinating research delve. [Bits of it] Should be easier now that the NRO are no longer secret/denied.

Y'know we [earth/humans] had flying saucers of our own in the 1930s right? Never needed rockets. All for [misdirection/disempowerment] show.