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Habe ich vor zwei Monaten auf #macOS kennengelernt und möchte ich auch unter #Linux nicht mehr missen.
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@Itsy Bitsy Spider Nein.
Dann hast Du wohl nicht die Spezifikationen gelesen.
Mit welchen Datenbanken läuft adminer und mit welchen TablePlus.
Des weiteren, warum soll ich auf einen großen Datenbankserver einen Webserver und PHP installieren?

Und nun mein: LOL
Sorry, i don't understand German, but from this that i understand, the problem is web server and php.
Here have easy variant:
sudo apt install php-cli
(this is php specialized for terminal and php have build in web server)

cd /path/to/adminer/dir

php -S
you rise up php web on port 8888 visible only from localhost

php -S
you rise up php web on port 8888 visible from all

when you hit ctrl+c this server is stopped.
Is open source and php.
You see what you are using.
You can edit it easy, because is not compiled script.
Adminer is the best.
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@Itsy Bitsy Spider Some work in a bigger environment, with bigger installations ;)
Some use SAP, Oracle and other.
And no, Adminer is here not the best.
I do not work in Small Offices with lamp. Sometimes you need a bigger boat ;)

Just read the specifications for tableplus.
Adminer is used, when I have a client with LAMP or bsd based.
It's nice, but not that tool for everything
Nothing is tool for everything. The best thing is to use something specialized for only one DB. For example for sqlite/sqlite3 nothing better than sqlitebrowser.
And web hosting providers can't do things without phpMyAdmin. And they are not small office.
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No, but the discussion doesn't work for me.
There is no point in discussing with people who think they know everything.
Let's leave that, I want to spend my time with better conversations.