Looking for an application to manage chores in a family household

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an application to manage #chores and other tasks in a household. It should be web based with mobile optimization or having its own mobile app. I like my services to be #selfhosted an a #server to avoid too much data draining into the cloud. Most important is usability. It should be wife and kids prove :-)
I looked at different #ticketsystem, #kanban boards and #todo lists but couldn't settle on a strategy to implement it for my #family. How are you doing it in a somewhat nerdy household?

What I like to achieve is to not forget some rarer chores like replacing smoke alarms after 10yrs (you do that right?) or fix the hole in the rain gutter. Also I could setup some basic chores in categories for the kids and use the systems API (another nice to have feature) to automatically grant internet access to their devices as long as the category is empty. I could see them to start circumvent the system so we can have some nice "hacking game" going on...

The old text file that is edited with vim on #linux and then checked in to my git repository is not doing it for my family. (I know, bad parenting...)

I'm excited to read some of your ideas or solutions on that matter.