#Newhere all the way from a smokey town called Arbroath.

Once I learn how to drive this thing I will be posting about #philosophy #Science #history #psychology #Logic . I'm no expert on any these subjects, still very much a beginner, although, I like to think of myself as an advanced beginner.

My main interest is #philosophy. Over the past few years I've been reading the history and evolution of #GreekPhilosophy - #ModernPhilosophy - especially #ImmanuelKant and #DavidHume - #ScottishPhilosophy and #TheScottishEnlightenment.

So these are the kind of subjects I will be posting about, along with some #Art #Music and a shit sense of #humour.

Thanks for having me 😀
Welcome to the world !
Bienvenu welcome
Thanks for the warm welcome!
When someone starts sharing with you, what do I do to start sharing to them, is there a button on their profile in need to click? Or do I share with them automatically when they start sharing with me?
It sounds inteeresting! I look forward to seeing your posts!
There is a setting to automatically follow back, @Dan Cook, but you can also follow people by hovering the mouse over their name. After about a second a menu will appear with the 'follow' button.
Arg, not a 'follow' button but a ´Add contact´ button instead. Sorry.
Welcome. It’s a good time to be “here”, as so many have some extra time at home, and everybody in this world has some shared concerns in common. Many good people. Use those tags and you’ll surely find a lot of folks with similar interests.
Thanks everyone. You have all fallen into my trap and are now my online friends. Today is a good day.
@∇ sense ∇ atleast we have a place online to exercise our freedom to choose. While In the real world, our liberty's, are slowly dwindling.

World on lockdown.
@Dan Cook yes well :) .. it didnt affect us insular musicians too much :P .. to be honest..
Welcome aboard the magic train !
welcome to the #fediverse ;)
zulu diaspora
In your readings have you come across any good sources of Greek mythology? For example, I loved the story of the birth of the stars by way of Hera's milk spilling across the night sky when she discovered Hercules suckling at her breast and pulled it away from him. I especially liked the etymological tie-in of the Greek word "gala" (milk) and our "galaxy". I'd like to find more stories like these : )
Hi and welcome, Dan!
.oO( 12 hours and still waiting for you content .... *hrhrhr* )

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@zulu No, never really looked into Greek Mythology. The difference between Mythology and philosophy is the former seek to explain what is strange by what is well known, normally ideas suplied by the senses and imagination so their thinking never rose above expressing the mental by some physical object. They say the transition from senseous thinking to non-senseous thinking came about with Parmeniedes and his philosophy of being where you will find the germs and foundation of both Materialism and Idealism.
@hackbyte Apology's, content will come. I'm not in any rush though. I've not been on social media since Google plus, feel like I'm learning to walk again.
Oh yeah and thanks for #markdown
@Alan Cox .@Jim Symon @Garry Knight thanks much appreciated
@Dan Cook Whilst you say it here, I'd wondered if you were a (late) #gplusrefugee - the tag many of us used a year ago and forward for a bit. (Variations too, #googleplus and #gplusexpat etc.) Just saying, in the event you want to try to re-connect with others who were expelled from the homeland, one year, one week ago. Using in a post or searching for it, you may find some familiar people, though not everyone's name remained the same of course. Have fun!
zulu diaspora
That's a nice explanation. Thanks, @Dan Cook. What inspired Parmeniedes to move beyond mythic explanations?
Parmenides was inspired by Xenophanes who argued against a polytheistic notion of a plurality of gods. Xenophanes believed "that which can be divine can only be one. There can only be one best. Therefore God is to be coveived as one." So parmenides comes along and see's the world is full of change and mutation, things arise and pass away this he associates with the many objects of the world, the world of apearance. The everlasting, the eternal, unchanging, unmoved is associated with Xenophanes One best God, which later evolved into Plato's eternal, unchanging Theory of Concepts and Democritus, his theory of eternal, unchanging atoms where the different qualities of object's were explained by quantity and postion of atoms. So its the idea of the One, and from it is born the antitheses between sense and reason, between the moved and the unmoved, the dialectic between Being and Not-Being.
zulu diaspora
That's interesting. So, in a way, it was more that myth was rooted in and not out of classic Greek thought. But in a logical way.

I read a book on the anthropology of medicine recently and, in it, the author stated that the core-most Western thought is just this very concept: that truth exists, and that it can be known. From this stem all the dualities that we live with everyday.

Interestingly, there are certain cases which blur that line, and in wondering about which, this dualist vision gets in the way. A good example is the gulf between human sensation and perception. We think our senses true, yet the pictures they paint are just very subjective interpretations our brains make with incomplete information.

I wonder if the classic Greeks ever made it beyond dualism?
@Zulu I take it you know more than you are putting across 😉
Jakobu diaspora
Welcome! I always loved Hume, his treatise is in the shelf pretty much unread though. I always saw myself as an tragic sceptic, but as I have grown older I have realised that I am probably an incorrigible stoic... and as an artist I still have to sacrifice a cock to Asklepios...

So I will just welcome you, and I hope that you will find some interesting things in the federation.
@Jakobu Thanks. I started reading Hume because Kant said he had "woke him up from his dogmatic slumber" and thought I'd better have look at "Enquiry Concerning human understanding". Helped me better understand certan parts of Kants philosophy, but also, Humes Philosophy is actually really good but Kant with his A priori nessecary ideas that are prconditions of all perceptual experiences, just tops it, quality philosophy.
zulu diaspora
Thank you for leading me to research the laws of thought, and the Kantian quote! Those were new things for me : )
Jakobu diaspora
Both Berkeley and Hume was important to Kant, but he did take it far beyond them with his great system (I always loved the thinkers of the eighteenth century :) It has been some time since I occupied myself with Kant. Last time I used time on philosophy it was the philosophy of language from Frege and (young) Wittgenstein and ahead. The thoughts of both Hume and Kant plays a big role in analytical philosophy. There's no end to how many times, "All bachelors are unmarried," can be scrutinised. :) Quality philosophy.indeed.