Stop me if you've heard this one before

Yes, in news that will surprise absolutely no-one, YET ANOTHER cryptocurrency exchange — in Japan this time — has suspended operations after discovering in YET ANOTHER cryptocurrency theft that it was unable to account for roughly $32 million in various cryptocurrencies.

Look, seriously, just go to a casino, OK? At least there you'll get free drinks while you gamble all your money on the draw of the cards or the fall of the dice.

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@Joseph Teller
This just has to do with people running the exchanges. The underlying technology is sound. Shitty people are everywhere. Millions of dollars are probably stolen everyday yet we haven't abandoned the dollar or called it a ponzi scheme. People steal things of value, it happens to all kinds of items.
If all the exchanges are crooked @Binario011 it doesn't matter if some piece of technology is sound. The system is designed around no regulation, no controls, no laws and constantly ripping people off because its run by the criminals.

This is like betting at a bookie shop run out of a temporarily rented otherwise empty office. It can present a great front but in the end its rotten to the core and will pull up stakes, rebrand and setup shop in another country. It's scam all the way. Scammers can have great tech in their hands too... look at the crooks using ransomware. That is the heart of the folks running these schemes. They need the foolish techniphiles that will jump in and throw cash at them to launder their thefts for them.
All those things you mentioned can also be applied to the dollar. There's shady banks, shady scammers and more as you know. I think you're confusing the bad intentions of some of the people who use it with the currency being bad. Counter intuitive as it may sound, the fact that people want to steal cryptocurrency means that it has value and is working as a currency should. Do we need more ethical people? Absolutely, but that applies across the board and isn't limited to cryptocurrency.
But there is no real recourse for crypto. With banks and other financial institutions there is.
Exactly. A Crooked bank will get caught eventually and can be sued. You give money to a crypto scheme and the currency folds you've got nothing. If the bank gets robbed, no one looks for the crooks they haven't stolen anything under the law.

Using Crypto is helping crooks launder money, period. You're covering for the ransomware and other crooks that use it, an accessory to the crime. And if they get taken down for their other crimes AND own the currency system, guess who next the law goes after, the people that laundered their money for them - you.

It's a lose lose situation in the long run.
Same thing goes for stocks and anything else you buy with any currency. You keep failing to make an argument against the currency itself. The crooks are going to launder money one way or the other. They don't need cryptocurrency to do it. Bad guys are everywhere, get over it.
You're throwing up false dichotomies. And that looks like a defense mechanism to justify some actions you have taken involving them or want to.

Its NOT true of stocks etc. There are governing bodies to deal with that regulate the banking system, the stock market etc.

Yes you can get burned in the stock market. Yes you can get burned in the bond market. But you won't go to jail for buying stocks or bonds unless you are using insider trading or extortion to do it.

My buying food at he grocery store doesn't in any way support a criminal enterprise.

You have it in your mind that somehow real currency and real banks are just another criminal enterprise... I've seen this nonsense before over the decades and its usually by someone who has either a chip on their shoulder about government regulation, a desire to carry out criminal activities themselves of one sort or another, extreme paranoia (the tinfoil hat level) about conspiracies, a total lack of understanding of currency, economics, finances and how criminals launder money, or a belief that everyone is a crook on one level or another (extreme pessimist, everyone must be selfish and have an angle). There's no talking with someone with these mindsets, they lead to their own downfall.

Please, take some courses on how the system works. Learn about finance, economics, the history of money and stop spouting out a bunch of gibberish you picked up on some pro-crypto website and look at the real world.

Or, if that's not the problem, get some medical assistance towards your mental health to deal with that paranoia that's driving you to such extremes.

It's not my job to explain thousands of years of civilization or disprove your paranoid delusion.

Welcome to the Ignore Pile. I will not be commenting to you again.
You're joining the Anti-Vaxers, the Extreme Alt-Right President=King, and the I am a member of a super race all others are inferior and the homeopathic magic water crowd at being ignored.