Any gardening experts out there?

I planted a couple of hanging pots with bizzy lizzies early spring which I had bought from the local nursery. They did not do well, I lost a couple and the others just did not seem to grow for months. Suddenly in the last month they got a spurt on and are growing like mad. According to the internet most of them die at the end of the season, does this variety die or should I bring them indoors when the frost is about. Any help appreciated because these flowers are starting to look pretty now.

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It's grown even bigger in the past few days and in the Spring I thought they would never survive.
kenny diaspora
bring them indoors and place in a bright window sill , take cuttings next spring and plant out after last frosts Thank you for the advice, as it was getting cold I brought them indoors and hung them up in the bright part of my study, they are still growing and have a mass of red flowers so it will be brilliant if they survive the winter and I can take cuttings in the Spring
kenny diaspora
glad to help dave
And to think that a few years back my neighbours complained that the stinging nettles in my garden were growing over into hers. How things change when you retire.
kenny diaspora
i only have a small backyard now so ive had to start gardening vertically with containers .its been quite a challenge . My garden is just the right size for me, a nice suntrap and room for a very small vegetable patch. My next door neighbour who used to have an allotment has got very inventive and is growing fruit and vegetables in big flowerpots
kenny diaspora
i use my spare bedroom as my greenhouse to sow seed , grow cuttings and cherry tomatoes . had to put a shelf up over my back door to create space to grow on my seedlings .
Most plants that are purchased from shops have been force grown, so when you get them home they either die or take time to aclimatise to wherever they are put...
If possible it is always best to start from seed..
(I once found a sprouting acorn, which now is planted out at the allotment that i used to have.. ;0)) )
Your best bet to find out wether your plants will die is to find out if they are annuals or perennials..
Hope this helps... :D
This certainly looks like them, and they are perennials, I will post a picture of them indoors on my next post. Nice to know that you found me sprouting
Hopefully they'll come back next summer, it would probably be best to let it over-winter indoors or in a greenhouse , but don't over water it.. ( as the plant could drown!!)
The last time i saw my oak tree was abot 15yrs ago, it was over 10ft tall. I'd love to go and have a peek at it, but seeing I've moved a long way away from London i doubt it..!! :0))
PS.. You may want to consult gardeners world about how to over-winter plants.... :D
kenny diaspora
they are new zealand impatients or busy lizzies usually grown as annuals as they are not frost hardy , keep them indoors ,dont let them dry out but as the lady said dont over water them . ive rooted just the ordinary busy lizzy in water befor so these might root in water too , ide google it and see first .
kenny diaspora
good luck with them , if they start going leggy ide take cuttings and keep the parent plant as tight as possible
Thanks Kenny