If you're using Win10 Pro or Home and WU fails to install KB4530684 with error code 0x80246017 - it's a cumulative Autopilot update you shouldn't get when not using a business device. Microsoft obviously deployed the update erroneously, as they did last month with KB4523786. Also, the error only shows up when KB4523786 has already been installed. You can check this with powershell via "Get-Hotfix KB4523786" or via System Control / Apps & Features / Show installed updates). If so, the solution is to deinstall KB4523786 via System Control / Apps & Features & reboot your machine and detect MS updates again - the error should be gone now.

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Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look.
I'm blocking most of Windows Updates for months on end because so many of them are unstable pieces of crap that they are not dealing with correctly.