I'm currently planning my trip to #Japan and searching for a flight.

Are there any airlines which are recommended or that I should avoid?

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Try asking Sam Chui :D
You could take Emirates or JAL... bonus points if you go west to use only A380s via Hawaii :P
take the trans-siberian express to Vladivostok and then the boat!
Trip of a lifetime, and how many lifetimes do we get? :)
Mike diaspora
As long as you fly #Airbus you'll be OK
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
Travelling by foot will take some 2429 hours :-)
We got shunted from a normal uncomfortable blah United to ANA, All Nippon Airways, and they were reaaaalllly nice. Larger seats, better food, flight only 3/4 full.
I can provide other reviews if you wish. And the ANA may have been a quirk but man they were nice.
Ah cool. Will keep that in mind already looked for flights, unfortunately fucking expensive. I currently can't find a flight under 900€ for first of April.
Flying back two or three weeks later just costs half.
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
Did you check flying from the UK or elsewhere? A former co-worker mostly left from the UK when flying to New Sealand
I checked Frankfurt and Düsseldorf
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
Try shiphol, one way flight was 5xx minutes ago (
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
396 is the cheapes I can find, from AMS that is
Yeah, but I fly to Tokio and fly back home from Osaka. Flights are booked. The back from Osaka costed more or less the half of my flight to Tokio