thinking about it.. this is a lil' more reasonable. most policing systems think, 'well, now that we've got you here. let's just assume your guilty and call it a day.' this is why the rich are so good at hiding. they know.
Reminds me of dialog from the movie, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence:
You brought the radio into the camp.
You know that is not true.
Not true? If you didn't do it, who did? We must punish someone.
But why? Would you rather punish the wrong man? You mean I'm to die because you think if there's a crime... then it must be punished? And it doesn't matter who is punished? You're not by any chance a Gilbert & Sullivan fan are you?
You're not very funny really. I see. So I'm to die to preserve your sense of order.
Yes. You understand, Lawrence. You must die for me.