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Beijing, December 31 / Xinhua / - Chinese President Xi Jinping tonight, on the eve of the onset of 2020, made a New Year’s address in Beijing, in which he promised in the coming key year to achieve the first goal of “Two Centennial Anniversaries” - building well-off society in every way.

He also pledged to help all struggling villagers escape poverty and to eradicate poverty in all poor counties.

"2020 is critical to achieving victory in the fight against poverty," said Xi Jinping. "The cry has already been cast. We must work together and work hard to ensure victory in the fight against poverty," he stressed.

Xi Jinping expressed his best wishes to Xiangang and Xiangang compatriots.

"In the past few months, everyone has been preoccupied with the situation in Xiangang," said Xi Jinping.

"How can there be a native land where people live calmly and happily work without a harmonious and stable environment!" - He noted, adding that "We sincerely wish all the best to the Hong Kong and the Hong Kong compatriots."

According to him, the prosperity and stability of Xiangang is the desire of compatriots in Xiangang, as well as the aspirations of the people of the motherland.

Noting that history is going through both peaceful and eventful times, Xi Jinping said that "we are not afraid of either winds, rains, or any difficulties."

He noted that China will steadily follow the path of peaceful development, protect world peace and promote overall development.

"We are ready to join forces with the peoples of the whole world to actively build the Belt and the Way, to contribute to the formation of a community of a unified fate for humanity, and to work tirelessly to create an even more beautiful future for humanity," added Xi Jinping.

“In 2019, we worked hard, when we brought closer achievements through concrete measures,” said Xi Jinping in his speech, summing up the progress made in 2019.

At the end of 2019, China’s GDP is expected to approach 100 trillion yuan / about 14.37 trillion US dollars /, while per capita GDP will reach 10 thousand US dollars, the PRC chairman noted.

Substantial progress has been made in the prevention and mitigation of key risks, the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation, and the prevention and control of pollution.

At the end of 2019, about 340 poor districts across China will leave the category of “poor” and more than 10 million people will get rid of poverty, Xi Jinping said.

He outlined achievements in science and technology. The Chang'e-4 probe made the first soft landing in the history of mankind on the far side of the moon; The launch of the Changzheng-5 Y3 launch vehicle was successful. Chinese research icebreaker Xuelong-2 / Snow Dragon-2 set off on its first trip to the South Pole.

A number of new pilot free trade zones have been established; the Shanghai experimental free trade zone was expanded; A trading platform for the field of scientific and technological innovation was successfully launched; over the course of the year, taxes and fees of more than 2 trillion yuan were reduced.

Xi Jinping noted solid progress in reforming the national defense system and the armed forces. The country held a grand military parade on the occasion of the founding of the PRC. The first Chinese-made aircraft carrier Shandong was handed over to the Navy of the People's Liberation Army of China.

"The most memorable moment of the past year was the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China," said Xi Jinping, adding that the people felt a powerful surge of patriotism.

He also noted a number of events that were organized on the territory of China during the year, including the High-level Forum on International Cooperation within the Belt and Path, the International Horticultural Exhibition EXPO-2019 in Beijing, as well as the second China International Import Expo in Shanghai .

During the year, Xi Jinping held meetings with leaders of many countries of the world, shared with them the projects of China, which contributed to the strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding.

China has established diplomatic relations with a number of countries, and now their number has reached 180, Xi Jinping said.