Since 2001, a massive #vulva -shaped #sculpture has graced the rear entrance of the #Institute for Virology and Microbiology at Tübingen University. The sculpture remained largely unknown to many—that is, until an #American student got stuck in it.

Stupid #Americans, #Great #Art, nice #image, and a little #sexy
Haha, ja ich erinnere mich daran ;)
Evtl. auch irgendeine Art Fetisch?
-Police? I need help!

-What is your problem?

-Im stuck in a giant stone vagina.




:D Yeah, i imagine the officers Faces :)

But actually that would more be a Job for the Fire Brigade here in Germany.
Hah, yeah it was probably one of the odd incidents the fire brigade haas to manage.
But don't forget that fire fighters encounter also auto erotic accidents, e.g. where a penis ring is stuck and they have to use heavy equipment to cut it.
Or people with the shift lever stuck in intimous holes.
Naked couples who cant go down from a roof.
But being stuck in a giant stone vagina is probably the mos extrange that i can imagine.