I'm pretty amused to see some of the gang of fascists still whining about how podmins that are "fags", "SJWs" and so on are repressing them, and how they are thinking of leaving Diaspora. And how they have to be on a Russian pod (gee, who would have thunk it?) in order to have "free speech" and by which they mean hate speech.

I sure hope they leave Diaspora. Or at least get themselves segregated to a set of pod(s) that no normal people want to federate with. They sure will be missed. Not! If people that are new to Diaspora join and see these types of assholes - who typically are deceptive in their interests and their posts, only to try to "#redpill" people into their delusional ways - their impression will be quite poor about Diaspora, and that's a real shame. And no, in order for a platform to truly promote free speech, they do not have to tolerate the speech of Nazis.

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