The average human brain has about 100 billion neurons (or nerve cells) and many more neuroglia (or glial cells) which serve to support and protect the neurons.
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then it gets really wow when you learn how many connections there are.

then it gets daunting when we learn how many connections we lose, naturally pruned as we age, or more severe losses when we expose ourselves to various substances or actions (or inactions).

then it gets partly encouraging when learning some of the things that can be done to keep our brains healthy, and how adaptive the brain is to coping with such losses.

but still... there's much to learn, much to mend, much evolutionary neglect to overcome.
Most awesome is the fact that new neurons and connections grow as well.
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yeah, neurogenesis is a lovely thing. and we need not fear the pruning either.

even just the synapses ([edit:dendrites?]) reaching out and connecting... i love the thought of that. all these connections reaching out, energy flowing through them.
You gotta lot of nerve talking like that ;)
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all my jangly CNS tree, tickling, outwardly