Anyone else thinks hackatons are a terrible idea?

A group of programmers in my country ( #czech ) decided they'll create #software for #government for free during 48 hours, for free. While that seems cool at first, I think that is in fact a very #bad idea. Why?

Well imagine you want to do the same e.g. with a building. To save the architect's time and money on his salary you tell him to design the building in one hour as best as he can. While you'll immediately save money, the result will likely be a building that's badly designed, will have many issues you'll be paying for during the next decades.

Hackatons, gaming jams etc. are extremely popular because they look cool and save time, but they create terrible results and teach very bad practice, which is driven by today's short-sighted society. The whole history of #engineering taught us that haste makes waste, but nowadays we're abandoning all sanity because of #capitalism, #markets and #consumerism. The result of course is huge #bloat, ugly, wasteful, obscure, unmaintainable, buggy and even dangerous technology. Let's not do this.

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