FarmVille—yes, the original—is finally meeting its demise | Ars Technica

Did anyone of you play or pay for it that?
I did when a friend invited me and I didn't know what it was. That was back when facebook was only open to college students or people who belonged to a few large companies. I ditched it when it opened up to everyone because I could see where it was heading.
I tried a few FB games and found they were either 'forced socialization' (tell your friends, recruit your friends) or time-management, which are basically low-retention.
Nope. Facebook is not my friend.
I remember in the early days of G+ there were also such kind of games, I remember I had some contacts with whom I was in a team.
I learned about FarmVille from other people to improve my "normal person" camouflage but that's about it. :P