Mensch muss nur einmal in die Kindstodstatistik reinschauen - es sind so viele Kinder vor dem 10. Lebensjahr gestorben! Sowas haben die Impfgegner wohl nicht auf dem Schirm.
Das macht das ganze ja so schlimm
Great natural selection and currently you don't pay alimony for dead kids.
Yeah in general yes, but unfortunately they put those at risk who can't be vaccinated for health reasons
@Christoph S Is there some (permanent) condition which would prevent vaccination?
@Pavel Suk unfortunately, there are such conditions. I am about to take the vaccinations for a job travel to West Africa and I have to sign a lot of paper and make tests to make sure, that I am not allergic or have a precondition that could make the vaccines cause severe side effects.
Most prominent are immune system conditions. You dont want your immune system to be triggered by a live vaccine, when you just supress it because you carry a a donor organ(Kidneys, Liver etc).

To save people with such conditions from harm is one of the reasons to strive for vaccination of at least 95% of the populace.
@Hartmut Noack Yes, immunosuppressives are contraindication. But allergy should not be.
@Pavel Suk Allergy should not... still my doctors are very cautious about that too...